Thursday, July 16, 2020


Stormgate Press is growing. Besides publishing the works of Charles F. Millhoouse, (who is Stormgate's publisher) we are adding more writers and editors to the fold. Our production staff has grown. We now have two editors, that's right, count them 2. (after this post you might realize neither of them edited it).

Our first editor is Mary Ann Millhouse: (wife of our publisher) who has been editing books for Stormgate, before Stormgate existed. She has worked hard learning the fundamentals of editing, publishing and the workings of indie publishing. She is a full time RN so her time working for Stormgate is limited, but essential.

Next is Rose Shababy an indie publisher herself, Rose has written the trilogy "The Blue Effect" and "The Saints Grove" series. You can find all of her works here She is currently editing several short stories for Pulp Reality, a Action/Adventure magazine due to be released in 2021 by Stormgate Press.

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