Paul Barile

Paul Barile is the blue-collar poet known as “The Original Poem Guy.” He maintains his poetry

blog at Paul has an undergrad degree (Fiction Writing) from

Columbia College Chicago. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in English Composition

at Northeastern Illinois University.

He is a widely published and produced playwright. His debut novel “My Brother’s Hands” was

released in 2015 by Lexographic Press. His novelettes “Chasing Happy” and “Ten Pounds of

Gold” are available on

His latest project “The Legend of Aguila Azul” was published – by Lexographic Press in June

2020. “The Legend of Aguila Azul” is a YA book for kids who are interested in luchadors. Paul

is a huge fan of the local wrestling/lucha libre scene. His comic book “The Summit of Justice”

(Lefty’s Pride out of print) was his first foray into the comic book scene. He is also a contributor

to “The Haunting Tales of Bachelors Grove” (Silver Pheonix).

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