Stormgate Press Publisher: Charles F. Millhouse

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Charles F. Millhouse is Stormgate Press' Publisher and the author of twenty-three books in the Science Fiction/Fantasy/New Pulp genres. A storyteller/dreamer since childhood, Charles published his first book in 1999 and he hasn’t looked back. A pioneer in Independent Publishing, he patiently waited for technology to catch up with his visions and with the advent of Print on Demand and the Ebook craze, Charles created Stormgate Press in 2006 to further his publishing endeavors.

In 2012 Charles published the first of his highly successful new pulp series, Captain Hawklin and the Skyhook Pirates. He followed that up with a Supernatural Western, the New Kingdom Trilogy and finished his space adventure series, Talon’s Epic.

In 2020 Charles will release Origin Equation, the second of a Science Fiction character driven drama focusing on the decline of life on Earth.

Connecting with readers, Charles focuses on providing highly entertaining, adventure and thought provoking stories for those people who enjoy a well-crafted prose.

The full catalog of Charles’ work follows... Get Copies from or buy signed copies Directly from Charles. Contact Him Through Facebook: or via his email above.

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