Scott Donnelly

Scott's current work for Stormgate Press can be found in the forthcoming Tale of the weird and Strange #1 and he's writing a story for Pulp Reality #2 & 3 

Scott Donnelly is an Indie Author who lives in Grove City, Ohio with his wife and three children. Scott is the author of THE ICE GHOST, the first book in the action/thriller RED•ECHO series. He also writes the highly-rated UNHEARD OF series, which are sci-fi thrillers that are based in, and around, Grove City, and uses an investigative format to explore the possible cover-up of alien activity in the area. Scott also writes THE SCOUT BROOKS SAGA, and it’s sequel trilogy, THE SON-ISH CLONE OF SCOUT, which are the quirky, space adventures of high-schooler Scout Brooks, and his misfit crew that follow him to every corner of the universe on the most ridiculous missions ever.  

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